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By the time of adoption of the National Policy of Education (NPE), elementary and adult education systems were already too vast to be adequately supported by national and State level agencies alone. The NPE implied their further expansion as also considerable qualitative improvement. Provision of support to them in a decentralized manner had therefore become imperative. The NPE and Programme of action accordingly envisaged addition of a third-district level-tier to the support system in the shape of District institutes of Education and Training (DIETs). With this, expectation would be of wider quantitative coverage as well as qualitatively better support as these Institutes would be closer to the field, and therefore more alive to its problems and needs.

Prior to the adoption of NPE, National level and State level Institutions like NCERT, NUPEA and SCERT provided support to the elementary Teacher Education particularly in the area of pre service teacher education. As per the guidelines of NPE, a Centrally sponsored Scheme of Restructuring and Reorganization of Teacher Education was approved in October 1987, thereby a third-district-level-tier i.e. District Institute of Education and Training Institutes were formed throughout the country in almost all districts.

District Institute of Education and Training, Vanaramutti was established during the educational year 1992-93. The sole purpose of DIET is to conduct different kinds of training programmes to improve the quality of basic education and create a desirable environment within the district in regard to enroll more and more children of school going age and pave the way for retention of those who are admitted in the school and to ensure the high literacy percentage of male and female as whole.

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Recognition Certifictes

DIET has an academic faculty of highly qualified teachers who supervise the ongoing different schemes of Basic Education and guide the other teachers in the district who comes for training to implement the scheme in an effective way through the seven departments as mentioned below:

  • Pre Service Teacher Education Branch (PSTE)
  • Work Experience (WE)
  • District Resource Unit(DRU)
  • In-Service Programme, Field Interaction, Innovation & Coordination(IFIC)
  • Curriculum Material Development and Evaluation(CMDE)
  • Educational Technology (ET)
  • Planning and Management(P&M)

NCTE Norms
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